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In response to social media criticism for her artistic makeup choices (and shortly after defending her buzzcut), Doja Cat openly discussed how the makeup wasn’t meant to be “sexy or attractive.” Charleston supports her distinctive voice—and the movement. “Personally, I am so tired of watching the general public try to tear down any woman or femme that doesn’t conform to traditional beauty standards,” she says. “It’s flat-out misogynistic, reductive, and so harmful, as our beauty ‘standards’ have always been shaped and molded to appease the male gaze. Do I think that you can be expressive in the world of traditional beauty? Yes, 100%. But once you let yourself go from some of these rigorously normative expectations, you just begin to explore the countless possibilities that exist when using makeup as a tool for artistic expression.” To Charleston, the face is the world’s most unique canvas.

Santa Joe Biden and Trump merry 4th of easter ugly Christmas shirt

With no rules to follow, at Vivienne Westwood, sharply edged black glam rock eyes reached all the way to Doja Cat’s printed head scarf; at Lanvin, a black tuxedo called for asymmetrical electric blue blush; and at Thome Browne, the designer’s signature stripes were recreated with MAC paints in a strip under the lip. Some avant-garde moments required bespoke formulations, like for A.W.A.K.E. MODE’s show, where a neutral plaid suit called for a custom-blended gold face and body treatment. “On the spot, I had to create the perfect mixture that would be fully opaque without adding too much texture to the skin,” Charleston explains. Custom body makeup came into play again for Monot, where Doja Cat sat in the courtyard venue wearing all-black with painted gloves and graphic face makeup that read like an airbrushed blue and white mask. Instagram content

Santa Joe Biden and Trump merry 4th of easter ugly Christmas s Hoodie

Now, Charleston counts Teyana Taylor, Dylan Mulvaney, and Tati Gabrielle as clients, and Doja Cat’s otherworldly Paris looks have launched her career to another level. The pair collaborated for five front-row looks and one for Beyoncé’s party at the end of Paris Fashion Week. For the latter, Doja Cat asked Charleston to sign her neck under the Surreal line face design she created as a final fashion month flourish. “I was absolutely speechless,” wrote Charleston on Instagram. Together, their instincts subvert beauty norms in powerful fashion. “There was just a genuine understanding that we’re here to create extensions of her own, extremely creative expression,” says Charleston. “Makeup does not have to be traditional! Makeup does not have to be glam! Makeup does not have to be beautiful!”

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