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The last stop on the tour is the kitchen, stocked with food that comes from fellow pantries and programs, with surplus from local movie sets or photo shoots, restaurants, and warehouses. It’s most busy on Tuesdays and Saturdays, when food distribution is planned, but the team finds themselves making food for each other and folks who come in asking for a meal. The catch? They don’t have an oven or a stove. Rooney says they have chefs who have been involved since the beginning that they’d like to have on more full-time when they can pay stipends or salaries. For now, volunteers get creative with a microwave. Basically, Collective Focus has thought of…everything. But what sets them apart is their commitment to fostering joy. That’s why their year anniversary celebration amalgamated DJs, poets, and drag performers. That’s why they’re planning on hosting a wellness fair next month to celebrate local food heritages with free sound baths and 15-minute massages.

Hispanic heritage month 2022 national latino countries flag shirt

But as Collective Focus moves into its second year, the hard work is far from over. “We’re still operating month to month, having to dig our hands elbow deep into bags of partially rotting foods to be able to sort out the good stuff,” Caldéron Navarro says. What doesn’t help is the city’s decision to shut down the program Collective Focus depends on for food, known as the Pandemic Food Reserve Emergency Response (P-FRED). Over the past few weeks, Collective Focus has received a fourth of the amount of food with the same number of folks lined up around the block. In trying to inquire into next steps for the budget, they’ve gotten little to no response from the city, which seems to be quietly trying to close P-FRED down.

Hispanic heritage month 2022 national latino countries flag s Hoodie

But this community is determined to keep Collective Focus up and running. They even just qualified as a 501(c)(3) to open them up for funding. “We aim to build this space into something that’s self-sustaining and cooperatively run by our communities,” Rooney says of what’s next. If this is what they’ve done without funding, one can only imagine all that’s to come. Reem Assil wears many hats—she’s a chef, an activist, and the owner of the bakery Reem’s California—and this week she’s added cookbook author to the list with the release of her first book, Arabiyya: Recipes From the Life of an Arab in Diaspora, out Tuesday from Ten Speed Press. Arabiyya contains more than 100 recipes for everything from pantry snacks to mezze to desserts, but it’s as much a memoir as it is a cookbook, encompassing many of Assil’s own experiences as a Bay Area woman whose life has been indelibly shaped by her Palestinian and Syrian heritage.

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