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I would say there’s a consistency. I try to have a consistency of quality and craft. But I’m always looking to get better—I can always learn. It’s important, just being a human being, to always being open to learning; The more you learn, the more you know that there’s more that you don’t know. But it’s changed: We’re always in flux. My poetry started out as one-image pieces, because I was writing poetry with two young children, working, and going to school; the poems were a lot shorter. Then they grew longer. When my children left home, I suddenly started writing these longer prose-like pieces.

Cia says it has found no link between itself and crack trade shirt

I always looked up to Leslie [Marmon] Silko, I loved her poetry. She’s more known for her stories and being a wonderful novelist. Layli Long Soldier, she’s going to a law program now, and it makes sense, because if you look at [her] poetry, she’s using [it] as a tool to unlock lies in legal speak. I’m always fascinated by an artist’s process and where they create. Do you have to be in certain environments in order to write your poetry? If I did, I probably wouldn’t get much done. Because I grew up with kids, I learned to write no matter what was going on around me. What works best is to get up and write without thinking. I’ve learned to write on planes. I take a lot of notes; I write in journals or on my computer. I sing and play melody lines into my voice memos or on GarageBand. It’s ongoing. My term came at a very potent intersection of a lot of things. We had really horrifying stuff going on in our government, and then there was the racial reckoning, the Covid lockdown, and the McGirt decision, which directly affected everyone in Indian country, but especially the Muskogee Creek Nation reservation. During these times, people really turned to poetry, and I came to see myself as a doorway. Being the first Native poet laureate, it did show us as human beings. My [“Living Nations, Living Words”] project was to show that I was not the only Native poet—that there are many of us. That was important. I wanted a digital map that would be accessible to people. I picked a map that deliberately had no borders or words—it’s just a map of water and earth. The Native poets picked their poems and where they were placed—some were far from their homelands, others were right on their homelands.

Cia says it has found no link between itself and crack trade s Hoodie

I’m working on a musical play. I’m working on new music. I found a really cool Resonator guitar in a music shop somewhere in Ohio or Kentucky someplace, so I’m fooling around with that. I want to start painting. I’ve been thinking about our plants and how they’re helpful and, and our interactions with them, so I want to do my own take on them. And I’m always working on a poem. I have another book coming in March, Catching the Light, from Yale University Press. And then working in community organizations, trying help [foster] the arts in our community. I’m also the matriarch of a huge family—that keeps me busy.

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