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After the smut, normally a strongman will ensue, set up a hard-handed rule, and little by little the state reverts back into what it was – Authoritarian Patrimonialism. But revolutions are an expensive business. Money, nervous Rerum, speaks again. Russia has managed to fritter itself away – what the oligarchs have not stolen, has been invested into weapons or other badly returning assets – and the whole world refuses to purchase Russian oil and energy. When the inevitable collapse one day will happen, there will be no money left to stitch the giant state back together. The result will inevitably be disintegration. The first to rebel will be the Islamic nations in the South, but also the Far East has cahoots with China and Mongolia. The Russian nation itself is ethnically very uniform and there are very few differences in Russian dialects, but it is perfectly possible that strongmen, mafia bosses, and warlords will arise from the ranks of the Oligarchs and found their own petty statelets. Some territories may even attempt to join the neighboring countries. it is possible that the Russians and Chinese will be part of this army in the future but the people that are alive today in these countries will be long gone by then. “And shall go out to deceive the nations which are in the four quarters of the earth, Gog and Magog, to gather them together to battle: the number of whom is as the sand of the sea.

If you want to replace him with someone competent, don’t be silly. We had the same problem with Hitler. He did enough damage, imagine if he was replaced by someone who was competent! I repeat. Putin will not lose the war. He’ll draft the full 3 million-man army and march into Kyiv. In addition to using low-yield tactical nuclear weapons. Most likely a false report. The story is he was at his Mansion and fell, he let something out of his rear. His bodyguard helped him up and he leaked the story. I don’t think Putin’s bodyguard would tell the world what only he did Putin knows. He would be found instantly and sent to Ukraine to man The tank turret. Yes, it was exactly ten seconds after he received confirmation that Marc Barrett agent 002 had been sighted in Moscow, and the ex-KGB Colonel, now President of the Russian Federation, just knew Barrett was in town for him Why do you spend all your time asking insipid questions with no connection to reality? Ones that are just debunked and defeated right-wing talking points?


The Ukraine war could not have been “avoided” just by talking to Putin. Putin was determined to invade Ukraine. The Biden team and the rest of NATO told him there would be consequences and he didn’t care (or believe them). The only people who believe your question is eyeball-deep in right-wing propaganda and have no idea what’s actually happening in the world. Thanks for letting us know your questions have zero credibility behind them. They’re similar in having an expansionistic view of their country’s destiny and being absolutely ruthless in pursuing it. Saddam was perhaps more overtly repressive, perhaps because he had to tamp down Iraqi tribalism, whereas Russian society is maybe more docile. While you were dreaming of Bolshoi Ballerinas your despot Putin invaded Ukraine. The beginning of the war on the peaceful Ukrainians was in 2014 with the illegal annexation of Ukraine’s Crimea Peninsula. Then your moronic Hitler wanna-be, Putin ordered an attack on Ukraine with the best Russian military units he had. It was Feburary 2022. Most of the men of those elite units now serve Ukraine as fertilizer for next year’s sunflowers.

What is The United States doing? Well in 2014 she tried to use common sense and logic to convince Russia of her error. The United Nations General Assembly agreed that Russia was wrong. Sanctions were imposed. 2022. Russia has not learned anything since 2014 So, the US and the world send aid to house, feed, cloth, and care for dying children, pregnant women, old men and women who survive Russian war crimes, crimes against humanity, and genocide is implemented. Weapons, training, and intelligence is supplied to Ukraine by US and others, both in and out of NATO. So sleepytime is over. The reality is that Putin’s breach of the Friendship Treaty, Budapest Assurances, United Nations charter, and a host of international laws on the conduct of war now places Russia in with North Korea as a Rogue state. How can a Brit kindly remind Americans that the Declaration of Independence is full of deliberate lies about poor old George III, who was a constitutional monarch, who admittedly had more initiative than 20/21st-century monarchs, but couldn’t do anything without Parliament’s consent, and certainly couldn’t make economic policy or set taxes at all? Britain had been a constitutional monarchy (or monarchy) for a hundred years before the American revolution, and the remains of the royal prerogative were being constantly reduced.


Thomas Jefferson was a brilliant propagandist, and like all the best propagandists, he had no regard for the truth when it didn’t suit his purposes. “You know that Parliament we’ve been claiming to want representation in? Well, we’ve decided we don’t like it after all”, would hardly have been a ringing call to arms. Well, if such an event were to occur, Ukraine would ask for military support from its friends in the West, who would happily supply weapons, training, and intelligence to the Ukrainians until the threat from Russia ends. It may require replacing the Russian leadership with someone sane. As part of giving up its nuclear arsenal in return for the paper promises in the Budapest Memorandum, Ukraine also destroyed the strategic bombers it had inherited from the soviet union. Because Russians are cultured towards strong leadership in Moscow to keep their vast country as one. Russians prefer stability and traditions instead of freedom and democracy also harsh winters play into this difference as well the harsh winters incentivize strong leadership and traditions within Russian culture and Russian people. The better question is why can’t the so-called “free world” be more tolerate of this difference instead of trying to exploit it for their own gains? Putin is loved as well because he keeps his word generally and does what he says. Despite what most will tell you in the West people love Putin because they don’t want to go through the humiliation of the collapse of the Soviet Union again.












They support him because like Boris Yeltsin said “ He asked him to run because Putin was the most honest man he had ever met from the Moscow ruling class”. So for all those that wish for his demise and death in the West keep in mind Putin is a moderate compared to some other leaders that could take his place such as Patrushev and others. Russia is different than us in every way but yet we try to turn them into us. Since when has this worked? Let’s see, my Irish is pretty rusty, but let’s assume you are talking English and trying to make sense of this bunch of words with little or no relation to each other. “Does anyone know whether the Russians were involved in that convoy in favor of Putin’s criminal invasion of Ukraine,” OK, as you see I deleted the words that make no sense and/or have no use in your question so i can read your question without breaking my brain? So your question is about Russians involved in the 60-kilometer convoy that was in the north of Ukraine in Feb/march of this year. OK, nice to know about WHO you are asking a question about. So about Russians in Ukraine. Pffffff, it is a lot of work, but finally, we are getting somewhere.


on the roads of Ireland at its outset,” Does insanity run in your family????? OK, since you are a person with an IQ in the single digits, if the word NORTH is used, it does not always mean Northern Ireland. There are other countries that have a north too. Even better EVERY country has a north and a south. Seems you failed to understand this in kindergarten. So the convoy was traveling on the roads of UKRAINE, not Ireland. Can you even find Ireland on a map???? I guess not. If you could you could see it is about a 3.000-kilometer detour one-way. So in total 6.000 kilometers and crossing 2 seas. Very difficult for trucks to cross. “have been deported?” OK, so now we have a question: “Have the Russians from the convoy in Ukraine been deported from Ireland” Duh? I think the answer should be YES since they are either on Ukrainian soil or in Russian hospitals. That means they are not in Ireland. Is it not clear for all to see (outside Russia) that Putin has spent the last two decades drawing all power towards himself alone? It’s what authoritarian leaders have always done (Stalin, Mao, Hitler, and many more). So the pretense of an elected government is just that, the elections are fake the elected are just Putin’s’s much the same in China. When was the last time the Russian government or anyone else in Russia stood up to Putin….Navalny perhaps and look what happened to him.