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And the border has only changed due to the massive influx of war refugees from Ukraine. Trump would have left them all in Mexico!!! No doubt! But THESE ISSUES ARE M I N I S C U L E compared to the chaos all of you wish for our country and the World. We would be halfway into WW3 by now if you all had your way, cuz NONE OF YOU THINK AT ALL about the consequences of your actions. You could care less if millions die as long as you get your way. Like the millions of US citizens who died due to Covid while the guy you voted for Disregarder expert’s warnings and suggestions, lied about it all to the public, did everything to delay a proper response, suggested injecting disinfectants, putting UV light inside your body and then taking horse de-wormers as a cure, and then blamed everyone else as it was killing us, Etc. There aren’t enough words in the world to attempt to describe how much Donald was unqualified and incapable of serving as POTUS — like there is literally NOT A SINGLE THING HE DID that any sane person would consider a major contribution. He only caused chaos, because guess what? He is an uneducated IDIOT. The type of guy even YOU would likely not go near if he wasn’t rich and famous.

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The fact you voted for the other side, and after watching Biden REPAIR most of the damage done by 4 years under the Dumb-Don in a couple of years, you come here with such questions? This should be proof enough that you are out of touch with reality. The Spanish monarchy had been overthrown in 1931 and was restored in 1975, originally by a decision of the former Spanish dictator Francisco Franco, but the system was confirmed in a new constitution approved by a popular referendum in 1978. There are many left-wing Spaniards and separatists, especially in Catalonia and the Basque country, who associate the monarchy with the Franco regime and with Castilian centralism, although the former at least is inaccurate as Spain now operates under a democratic parliamentary monarchy under the constitution of 1978. Anyway, leftists and separatists are normally republicans. The Spanish Royal Family was also involved in several corruption scandals involving first one of the daughters of the former King and her husband, and later the former King himself, who was forced to abdicate the throne in 2014. The current King, Felipe VI, is quite popular though, except among the aforementioned separatists and leftists. His wife, Queen Letizia, is not so popular, however, as some traditionalists resent the fact that she was born a commoner and was divorced when she married then Prince Felipe.

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Trump is a self-centered creep who would use any opportunity to stroke his own ego. The ceremonial nature of his reading the list of names demonstrates what a pompous ass he is, and the fact it was done at all shows a complete lack of empathy. He disgraces America by his very existence. I was a member of the NRA several years ago, but let my membership lapse because I was sick of their demands for more and more money. Being a member netted me damn little in benefits, and the demands were a constant nuisance. At the time, (mid 80’s) it seemed like I was being exploited. it’s just hard to be coherent when trying to justify that nothing can be done by Republicans (or anyone else) about the slaughter of the innocents because Americans are likely far more homicidally inclined(?) than almost any other country in the world (it would appear about ten times as homicidal as any other OECD country). He did offer one solution; better-armed “law-abiding citizens!” Probably if those 4th and 5th graders had been better armed, many would be alive today. Or, we can require every school teacher to be armed and trained. And we can drill the kids for shootouts in the classrooms.

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So, back when Putin first started this thing in February, Trump makes it really clear that the US will give no help at all to Ukraine. No sanctions are imposed on Russia by the USA. And the US won’t allow NATO to help either. Some other countries start to act independently, but it takes time. Without clear leadership, and with no outside help arriving in time, the war is over in a week. What’s the point in punishing Russia when they’ve already won? I think Trump is a sniveling bitch who doesn’t have a clue who he can successfully intimidate. The Pulitzer Committee isn’t one of his MAGA yokels who cower before him and happily kiss his ass. The Committee has been a successful, well-respected organization for more than a century, whereas Trump has failed at literally EVERYTHING he’s ever attempted. He should stick with the only thing he does halfway successfully—Leading a group of illiterate bumpkins who do nothing but bitch and moan about intelligent adults who want nothing to do with him. Of course, the Orange Bloated Leader just wants to stay in the news and desperately wants to remain relevant. Whether forecast: 99% chance of bloviation. But let’s take the Former Guy at his word and consider such a suit. There would be a number of hurdles that would make it extremely unlikely to succeed. WETER Personalized Best Friends Christmas Ornaments, Custom Best  Friends Ornaments, BFF Christmas Ornament (1.1 Best Friends Ornaments) :  Home & Kitchen

Trump argues that his reputation was damaged by the NYT and WP articles. As a public figure and politician, he would need to prove actual malice—that these papers knowingly printed either false statements or recklessly unverified statements that were injurious. See Defamation Lawsuit | Libel And Slander Lawyers | Actual Malice (Legal Advice). Trump would have to provide evidence for these supposed lies based upon “false and fabricated information”, and specifically references the information revealed in the Sussman trial. News flash: Michael Sussman was quickly acquitted of the single charge against him, and no new blockbuster information was forthcoming. After Trump won an unlikely defamation suit against these papers, to win a defamation suit against the Pulitzer Organization, he would then have to show some type of reckless behavior or illegal collusion (haha, the irony) between Pulitzer and these papers.

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